Please use this page to add references/links to recent research which may be of relevance to IB libraries.

Hay, L & Todd, R. (2010). School libraries 21C. NSW Department of Education & Training.
This research project, hosted on the ASLA site, analysed Australian teacher-librarians' comments to a blog with questions about the future of school libraries in the 21st century. Useful analysis (e.g. on inquiry, technology, pedagogy, collaboration, etc.) and recommendations.

Project Information Literacy, led by Head and Eisenberg, at the University of Washington, USA. The website includes various reports, articles, podcasts, etc., concerning information literacy aspects for young people aged around 17-20 years, so at the further end of the Continuum.

Streatfield, D., Shaper, S., Markless, S., and Rae-Scott, S. (2011.) Information literacy in United Kingdom schools: evolution, current state and prospects. Journal of information literacy, 5 (2), pp.5-25.