This file is a compilation of the group discussions re the 'Three Fundamental Concepts of the MYP - Holistic Learning, Intercultural Awareness and Communication

Here are some suggestions pn blending thinking, IB and scaffolds to add learning.
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Overview Years 7 - 11 document looking at the Approaches to Learning

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Hoping this will prove useful, I am adding information here of IB publications that now contain a description of the MYP librarian's role:

A description of the 'Role of the librarian' first appeared in the the May and November 2011 issues of the MYP Coordinator's Notes which can be accessed and downloaded from the Online Curriculum Centre (OCC) in the 'MYP Coordinators' section - Coordinator's notes.
Your school MYP coordinator will have a copy and a copy may be posted in the staff room. However, each school has its own way of communicating information as it arrives. Just in case, you can always access the info' yourself from the OCC .

'Programme standards and practices For use from 1 January 2011' Published in October 2010. International Baccalaureate Organization
As well as being familiar with the whole document and specifically the 'Requirements for the Middle Years Programme', check out Standard B2: Resources and support, practice 6: The library/multimedia/resources play a central role in the implementation of the programme(s) (page 14). I think, this statement can provide us with an 'open door' into everything that is going on at school :)

Other references to the role of the librarian and the library within the MYP can be found in the following IBMYP publications:
  • 'The Personal project guide For use from September 2011 or January 2012' Published in January 2011 International Baccalaureate Organization (pages 9 -10)
  • 'Humanities guide For use from September 2012/January 2013' Published in February 2012 International Baccalaureate Organization (see 'Role of the librarian in the MYP' pages 51 - 52)
  • 'Language B guide For use from September 2012/January 2013' Published in March 2012 International Baccalaureate Organization (see 'Role of the librarian in the MYP' pages 113 - 114)

A while ago, in January 2009, when a new edition of the 'Language A guide' was first published, reference was made then to how the librarian and school library could support the programme. See pages 8 & 9. It is great to see how this has continued and that the role of the librarian in the MYP is now being included in all newly published guides.

Workshops for MYP librarians, coordinators, administrators and teachers:
A new workshop is being advertised for MYP librarians and, hopefully, will attract other school staff too, including MYP coordinator, administrator and subject teachers so that they get to have an experience of working alongside the librarian. The workshop is: From Library to MYP Media Hub: the central role of librarians in supporting student inquiry.
At present, this workshop has been classified as a category 3 because it will eventually replace current category 1 and 2 workshops for MYP librarians. It is intended to be a workshop for librarians wishing to learn more about and be knowledgeable about the Middle Years Programme and with this knowledge will be able to contribute to programme planning and implementation. At the moment, it is being advertised for October in Detroit.

A full description of the workshop can be found (scroll down a bit to get there) at:
Cat 3 workshop for MYP librarians