Reflections Librarian Continuum Workshop 2009.


Critical Multicultural Pavilion

Online Projects

Global SchoolNet - linking kids around the world
Global Gateway - bringing an international dimension to education
TakingITglobal Online community of youth interested in global issues and creating positive change. Great educational resources. Choose For educators TIGed provides rich, interactive learning experiences designed to improve students' global citizenship, critical thinking, and leadership skills, bringing the world to students and preparing students for the world!

Research articles on international education - internationalism:

A Big Mac and a Coke? Internationalism and globalisation as contexts for international education © 2001, James Cambridge & Jeff Thompson
The international education industry: An introductory framework for conceptualizing the potential scale of an 'alliance', Tristan Bunnell, Journal of Research in International Education 2007; 6; 349
Alliance for International Education