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**Information Fluency Continuum** NEW
The Information Fluency Continuum provides a framework for the instructional aspects of a library program. The framework is based on three standards that form the basis for the skills and strategies that are essential for students to become independent readers and learners.

**Information Fluency Continuum 2010 Priority Benchmark Skills and Assessments** NEW
The documents in this guide include:
  • Information Fluency Continuum
  • Information Fluency Continuum Benchmark Skills
  • Grade-by-Grade Information Fluency Benchmark Skills
  • K-12 Information Fluency Continuum Priority Benchmark Skills Brochure
  • Information Fluency Continuum: Priority Benchmark Skills and Assessments
  • REACTS Taxonomy
**Project-Based Learning: Inspiring Middle School Students to Engage in Deep and Active Learning**This 2009 edition of Project-Based Learning: Inspiring Middle School Students to Engage in Deep and Active Learning is a major revision and update of the Exit Project Guide that was originally published for Science and Social Studies in 2000. This newly revised guide provides an overview of Project-Based Learning, guidance on planning projects, assistance on creating an optimal learning environment to teach skills and content, and supports to structure the project around an Inquiry Process.

Collaborating to create an Information Literacy Continuum

These pages represent a collaborative effort to create a document to support teacher-librarians working in inquiry-based learning environments and borrows heavily from the New York City Information Fluency Continuum, the IB-based work of Ingrid Skirrow, and the inquiry-based work of Kath Murdoch.

K-12 Information Literacy Scope and Sequence.
This document is a draft, so please give me feedback! It's structured following the Big6 steps with modifications and changed language.
Ana Cob (Beijing BISS International School)

American Library Association Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action Draft 2
Standards for the 21st Century Learner - Download here
Standards for the 21st century learner in action (Fee applies)

Information Literacy Scope & Sequence draft document: Monica McQueen - Librarian & Technology Facilitator - International School of Luxembourg

Monitoring and Assessment of Technology in International Schools

Information_Literacy_Curriculum_with_Library_additions_[1] ACS UK.doc]]ACS Egham International School Information Literacy Curriculum

Research skills scope & sequence overview - Y.Barrett

Australian and New Zealand Institute for Information Literacy Australian and New Zealand Information Literacy Framework
Information Literacy Resources

Learner Profile and Information Literacy Model

Document 1 produced by Ingrid Skirrow
Document 2 with additions and editing Yvonne Barrett
Document 3 with editing by IBA Librarians - originally for DP Libraries


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S.O.S. for Information Literac

Bloom's Taxonomy updated http://eductechalogy.org/swfapp/blooms/wheel/engage.swf