There is an amazing wealth of knowledge at our fingertips! Our mentors are now only the touch of a keyboard away! Teachers, Teacher Librarians, other Information Media Specialists and ICT Specialists who are at the forefront of using web 2.0 tools. Here are some must read links to people, knowledge products and perspectives! Please add to the list!

Bookmarks and Tagging (excellent - use it in conjunction with Netvibes)



Games and Virtual Worlds

Second Life
3 minute video on International schools Island in Second Life

Mind Mapping

My webspiration Mywebspiration
Shambles Mind maps
Mindomo - - -

Photographs, Videos and Visuals

Wordle: ****
Glogster and
Picnik- online photo editor
Photosynth Home Tour of NSW Art Gallery using Photosynth


Podcasting with VoiceThread
What is a VoiceThread and how to use it?
Here is an example of using VoiceThread with Year 1 students.


libraryonline (Y.Barrett)
Tokyo International School: TIS Web Wonderland
West Island School Library: Spanish Language & Culture
Discovery College (Dianne McKenzie) Hong Kong
ISS International School Singapore (Mick Smith)

Google SitesSimple, secure group websites
OR Go to Google, Click on More > Sites
Here's a video showing how to get started

Reading and Web 2.0

Book Leads: ****
Reading 2.0: ****
Jacketflap:social networking community where you can connect with more than 3,700 published authors and illustrators of books for Children and Young Adults social networking community where you can connect with more than 3,700 published authors and illustrators of books for Children and Young Adults
The Conceptual Age & the Revolution: Schoolv2.0
LibraryThing List books and categorise with tags. A PYP library

School Library Websites

School Library Websites: examples of effective practice

Search and more

Noodle Tools
Find Articles
Wolfram Alpha computes the answer rather than providing a list of websites

Social Networking

West Island School Library
Tokyo International School Library

Teacher Librarian Collaborative Networks

Librarians and Nings

Teacher Librarian Ning: **http****://**
Teacherlibrarianwiki: ****


PYP Threads: ****
PYP Exhibition: ****

Twitter Feed Reader/ Manager

**Seesmic Desktop**
A desktop client to manage your lifestream from Facebook & multiple Twitter accounts. Brings Twitter to you.

Creative Commons This is Stacey's presentation on Creative Commons

Voices in Web 2.0

Doug Johnson Blue skunk blog and website and wiki
Kim Cofino" title="The 21st Century Learner">The 21st Century Learner
View more presentations from Kim Cofino. (tags: learner k-12)

Joyce Valenza**+.+.+.
Joyce Valenza Copyrightfriendly wiki

Katie Day The Librarians Edge blog

Web2.0 tools

Web2.0 tools for educators

This is a wiki for school library media specialists to learn about new web tools, see how they can be used in school library media programs, and share ideas & success stories. for research with senior students. It is a free firefox addon

Tools & Tutorials
This one stop resource library will help school librarians to become skilled at different open source software available for free from the Internet.

Jane Hart: Centre for learning and performance technologies

Participatory Media Literacy : The participatory media learning materials on this site are meant to help people learn and teach the new literacies by inquiring into their significance as well as by learning their use through direct practice.

Presentations for TLs

A Perfect Match: Library 2.0 in support of IB framework of learning
School libraries powered with podcasts
Wikis in school libraries
Building a school library 2.0

Web Based office software

Web 2.0 Online tutorials
Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies. Knowledge, Skills and Tools for the Learning 2.0 Age: ****

Your School Library Web 2.0 and beyond Online Conference February 20 - March 1, 2009


Encourage student inquiry with Wikijunior:
A Wiki for IBO DP students
WikiEducator for Teachers

Happening Stuff ! This is a bit of a WOW factor section! I really don't know where to put this. I was reading Katie Day's shared items on my RSS and came across Flexr - workbench CK-12 from Dan Coleman's Open Culture which has a treasure of an article about a New open source textbook for physics. Check it out! A little revolution is getting underway. The state of Virginia has published a new open source physics textbook under a Creative Commons license. As detailed in this piece from ZDNet , this peer-reviewed textbook was produced in less than six months by a team of authors, which included “active researchers, high school teachers, and college professors, as well as some retirees.” And it was launched on CK-12’s technology platform . Here comes the new world of textbook publishing. Quick to press, vetted, easy to revise, produced at a low cost by publishers, free for students. What’s not to like … except if you’re in the traditional textbook publishing business? As a quick aside, you can find another free physics textbook (in e-book format) at . Just a quick glance at the Open Culture postings, and I think Diploma ´TL's would be impressed!