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  • Linking Literacy and Libraries in Global Communities : Marlene Asselin,
    University of British Columbia, Canada and Ray Doiron, University of Prince
    Edward Island, Canada
    ISBN 978-1-4094-5284-3 available at http://www.ashgate.com/isbn/9781409452843

  • New resource on the IB Diploma Programme. May be of interest for Professional/Teacher Collections.
Abrioux, Marc & Rutherford, Jill. (ed). Introducing the IB Diploma Programme. CUP, 2013. ISBN 9781107606289
This book contains chapters and sections by many contributors. There is a section called 'The DP and the library', by John Royce. John has also contributed sections about the extended essay, and academic honesty. Both library and librarians are terms included in the index.
Anthony Tilke

This is the bibliography for the workbook at the Continuum workshop in Madrid (2011).

Advocacy Begins at Home by Gary Green 2010

Three titles in the Taking the ... Forward series. The first was for the PYP. In 2011, two other titles were added to the series - for the MYP and the IBDP respectively. A fourth, on the Continuum, is planned for 2012. (The MYP, DP and Continuum titles are edited by Mary Hayden and Jeff Thompson, for John Catt Educational Ltd.) Please note that there is a chapter on the role of the library in the DP volume.


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What's on Jeanette's desk:

What I have been reading
Henri, James, & Bonanno, Karen. (1999) . The Information LIterate School Community: Best Practice. Wagga Wagga: Centre for Information Studies.
School Library Media Activities Monthly

What's on Doreen's desk:
Atkinson, Cliff. Beyond Bullet Points: using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 to create
presentations that inform, motivate, and inspire. 1st. Redmond, Washington:
Microsoft Press, 2008.
Braun, Linda. Listen Up: podcasting for schools and libraries. 1st. Medford, New Jersey:
Information Today, Inc., 2007.
Fogarty, Mignon. Grammar Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips. 1st. New York: Holt
Paperbacks, 2008.
Schrefer, Eliot. Hack the SAT: a private SAT tutor spills the secret strategies and sneaky
shortcuts that can raise your score hundreds of points. 1st. New York: Penguin
Group, 2008.
Strunk, Jr., William, and E.B. White. The Elements of Style (illustrated). 4th. New York: Penguin
Books, 2007.
Thurman, Susan. The Everything Grammar and Style Book. 2nd. Avon, Massachusetts:
Adams Media, 2008.
On Yvonne's desk:
Andain, I., & Murphy, G. (2008). Lifelong learners - challenges for education in the 21st century. Cardiff: International Baccalaureate Organisation.
Armstrong, T. (2000). Information transformation: teaching strategies for authentic research, projects and activities. Ontario: Pembroke Publishers.
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Boyd, Suzette (2006). The connected library: a handbook for engaging users. Hawthorn, Victoria: Utopia Press.
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