Book Titles:
The four lords (great for reluctant readers)
Roscoe Riley
Down Girl and Sit
Franny K Stein
100 Dresses
A single Shard
Mercy Watson
Storm Runner
Gaurdian's of G'Hoole
Secrets of Droon
Andrew Lost
Dealing with Dragons
I Freddy
A long walk to water
Sachiko Means Happines (alzheimers)
Not a Stick
Not a Box
Duck Rabbit
The Dog with No Tail
Say Hello
The Quiet Book
See you later alligator

Mem Fox
Nancy Carlson
Leo Linni
Peter Reynolds
Katherine Applegate
Percy Jackson
Lucy A Nolan
Catherine Hess
Kate D'Camilo
Karen Hesse
Roland Smith
Anthony Horowitz
Bruce Coville
Katherine Patterson
Kimiko Sakai
Shaun Tan


Tomo anthology (Stone Bridge Press, 2012) - friendship through fiction, to aid teens who were affected by the Japan Earthquake in 2011.


Graphic novels

Logicomix - an epic search for truth

Book Awards and lists

Literature awards, Germany. International shortlist of youth books on shortlist for Literature Awards announced at the Leipzig Book Fair in 2012. Librarything list compiled by the librarian of Salem International School, Germany, to whom thanks is due to replicate the file and details on this wiki. A pdf of the shortlist is also here:

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International Schools in China: Panda Book Awards

International schools in Japan : Sakura Medal

Singapore Red Dot Book Award. For more information, see or this blog post: