EE presentation from IASL/SLAQ conference September 2010 Brisbane
Helen Reynolds QAHS Queensland Australia hreyn21@eq.edu.au
The Information Search Process (ISP) & the reseach essay

Extended Essay

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Pre-searching Sheet for conferencing with students about their extended essays. Sorry, over the years the citation to the original creator of this document has been misplaced, but I need to credit a library colleague. If this is familiar, please add the citation even if the content is changed somewhat.

Extended Essay Planning Map

We have a big cohort of students and are starting to get them to collaborate in the early planning stages of the EE. The students use http://www.bubbl.us/ - a collaborative mind mapping tool to produce mind maps for their subject areas. They are constructing plans for their EE that are subject specific. Here is an example for biology.


Theory of Knowledge - see also the Theory of Knowledge page.

Resources for the DP Subject Matrix:


Book on the role of the library in the Diploma Programme (2011). Details here.